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GENESIS Genetics: The Prudence Family

Prudence: ICC$ Opportunities with Low GFI
GENESIS cow MS M-P Dolce Prudence-ET
MS M-P Dolce Prudence-ET, GP-83
MS M-P Dolce Prudence-ET, GP-83 was born July 7, 2011 as the result of a Dolce and M-P Onward Polly-ET, GP-83 mating. Her maternal grandam is MS M-P Boliver Phlox-ET, VG-87, DOM, a cow which completed a big record of 3-01, 3x, 365 days, 41,810 pounds of milk and 3.4%, 1408 fat and 3.2%, 1318 protein.

At one point, Prudence was considered the breed leader for PTA Milk, and she finished her first lactation at 2-0, 3x, 365 days, 34,670 pounds of milk, 3.6%, 1264 and 3.1%, 1071 protein. Aside from extreme production, this family offers an outcross pedigree! Prudence is 6.0 for GFI (genomic future inbreeding)!

Prudence has one son marketed around the world: 1HO11881 Co-op PRINCETON-ET is +725 for the Ideal Commercial Cow (ICC$) index with outstanding production and good overall conformation. Prudence also has several outstanding daughters within the GENESIS herd – daughters that exhibit both high ICC$ levels and low GFIs. 

Prudence’s First Milking Daughters
Milking daughters of GENESIS cow MS M-P Dolce Prudence-ET
Co-op SPS Prudence 7079-ET, Co-op GRFT Prudence 7162-ET,
and Co-op Val Prudence 7207
Co-op SPS Prudence 7079-ET, pictured on the left in the group photo, is a full sister to PRINCETON. She’s also the dam of two current Genex mating sires, one of which is a 1HO11056 TROY son. In addition, she has two more sons (including a 1HO11071 LEADED son) first entering the collection arena now. Among Prudence 7079’s daughters is a polled 1HO12020 YAHTZEE-P heifer that stands at +936 ICC$ and 6.6 GFI. There is also a LEADED daughter at +912 ICC$. Altogether, Prudence 7079 has 22 genomic-tested offspring that average +813 ICC$. Watch for future offspring from 1HO12546 TESTAROSSA among others.

At the center of the group picture is Co-op GRFT Prudence 7162-ET, GP-81. Prudence 7162 has several notable daughters. For instance, her 1HO11889 AVENGER daughter is Co-op Avenger 7162 8008-ET at +961 ICC$. This next generation of the GENESIS herd will begin IVF soon. There’s also a full sister, Co-op Aardema Aven 22176-ET at +902 ICC$. Two Silver daughters have earned high ICC$ and low GFI rankings too. In total, Prudence 7162 has 25 offspring genomic tested averaging +781 ICC$.

Co-op Val Prudence 7207, GP-83 (on the right) is currently milking 102 pounds a day. She is +658 ICC$ and 6.2 GFI. Prudence 7207 is just beginning to make an impact on the GENESIS herd with a couple pregnancies to date and plans for future flushing.

The combination of low GFI and extreme production that the Prudence family transmits within the GENESIS Cooperative Herd is exciting. We are optimistic this cow family will continue to breed ICC$ leaders and outcross opportunities to benefit Genex members and customers!

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