Friday, March 17, 2017

Using A.I. on Your Ranch

95 cents compared to $2.28 per gallon – that’s the difference 30 years have made in the price of a gallon of gas. Just as gas prices have changed drastically, so have the wants and demands of cattle producers.

Producers considering artificial insemination (A.I.) have many of the same concerns and wants for their program. I’m here to lay those concerns to rest and show how A.I. and GENEX chute-side service will make you money and propel you into the future. So slap some bacon on a biscuit and let’s go! We’re burning daylight.

Cost is always the first question. First of all, you need to sit down with your GENEX representative and determine the best plan for your operation. Costs will vary depending on herd size, location and labor needs. In most cases A.I. is cheaper than buying, maintaining and utilizing a bull for two to five years.

Remember these costs will vary:
·         Eazi-Breed™ CIDR® – $11
·         GnRH – $5 ($2.5x2)
·         PG – $3
·         ESTROTECT™ – $1.30
·         Semen – $20
·         Breeding Service Fee – $10

The process
Working with your GENEX representative, you will make a detailed plan for your A.I. project, including choosing a synchronization protocol that fits your operation. In order for synchronization to be successful on your ranch, you must commit to learning the protocol and executing it exactly, this means making sure the right cows, get the right shots, on the right days. On breeding day, you get the cattle to the alley way and GENEX takes care of the rest.

Ask the professionals: GENEX strives to bring you the best of the best for bull power. Visit with your local representative to determine the sires best suited for your goals.

Calving season
Just because you bred your cows in a 4-hour period does not mean they will calve in a 4-hour period! After a successful A.I. program, expect females to calve in a 10- to 14-day period. University studies have shown no more than 20% of your herd will calve on any one day.

How many clean-up bulls will I need after A.I.?
This question is highly variable. The answer has a lot to do with the age of your bulls, size of pastures, environment and number of females. and environment. GENEX staff can provide the correct recommendation to ensure you turn out enough bull power to cover the non-A.I. females.

A.I. is one of the most beneficial and easiest ways to make your cow herd more profitable. With beef prices where they are, every pregnancy counts and every early calf means more pounds. More pounds = more DOLLARS! Utilizing A.I. will tighten your calving interval, add performance to your calf crop and allow you to actively control the type of cattle you raise.

When you are ready to set up an A.I. program, contact your GENEX representative. GENEX is here to help add dollars to your program.

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