Thursday, August 23, 2018

Two New Products Added to GENEX Portfolio

Procuring your herd care products just got a little easier, as GENEX introduced ReMOOV™ horn paste and UdderLife™ Mint-eez™ udder edema lotion and spray! While I haven't had a chance to use either one of these products yet, I am excited to be able to get them from my GENEX rep and give them a try. Here are a few of the intriguing features of each:

› Less stress to the animal. 
 No expensive equipment. 
 No bad smell. 

 ReMOOV™ horn paste features a uniquely designed syringe that measures out the         perfect amount of paste needed for each horn button.

The syringe also has a special tip enabling precise application to the horn bud.

› UdderLife™ Mint-eez™ udder edema lotion and spray are a unique formulation of mint, tea tree and calendula plant oils. (I may or may not be guilty of opening the bottles in my office for a little pick-me-up sniff!)
› UdderLife™ Mint-eez™ udder edema lotion and spray reduces udder edema that can damage mammary supportive ligaments and shorten milking longevity.
› Four options: blue spray, blue lotion, yellow spray or white lotion. (Lotions come with a handy hook on top for hanging near your milking area.)
 No meat or milk residues.

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