Tuesday, March 8, 2016

PregCheck™, Improving Your Mating Toolbox

It’s that time of year again. Last year’s heifer calf crop has matured and looks great. Now, it’s time to choose a mating sire. The sire options are endless. As you study the Beef Genetic Management Guide, you narrow your selection down to two bulls. Both offer calving ease and are of the same genetic merit. Now for the tough choice, or maybe it’s not that tough. You notice Sire A has a PregCheck of 100 while Sire B has a PregCheck of 102. What does that mean again? Oh yeah, Sire B averages a 2% higher conception rate. Imagine that, 2% more pregnancies by using a sire with known fertility. 

The choice is made. Sire B it is.

Genex is proud to be the first A.I. organization to quantify individual beef sire fertility. PregCheck evaluations are the result of real breedings which have shown real differences between sires. Each bull’s PregCheck value comes with an associated reliability value. As the reliability value increases, the amount of change in the PregCheck value will decrease when additional pregnancy data are included in future analyses. For a reliable evaluation, which is about 70%, a sire must have approximately 400 breedings in the database.  

While all Genex sires are procured with producer profitability in mind, PregCheck now offers members and customers another selection option to improve their bottom lines. If you have any questions about PregCheck, please contact your local Genex representative. Your representative, is equipped with the expertise to help you put PregCheck to work in your herd!

Click here for more information on PregCheck. Feel free to leave any questions you may have on PregCheck in the comments section below.

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