Friday, April 7, 2017

GENEX April Sire Summary Highlights

Leading the way for the Ideal Commercial Cow (ICC$) index following the April proofs
is 1HO11955 BEYOND. This Josuper son is a health trait specialist at +1.7 Daughter
Pregnancy Rate (DPR) and +8.7 Productive Life (PL). Use this sire with confidence to
boost production and component yields (+1784 Milk, +135 Combined Fat & Protein).

1HO11665 GENIUS maintains an elite rank, this time second on the ICC$ list with an
exceptional +1072. This Montross son has an elite genetic profile offering production and
outstanding udders and feet and legs.
Dam of GENIUS: Co-op Robust Galina 6447, VG-85

From the Super Apple family, 1HO11889 AVENGER has an outstanding +1058 ICC$.
This sire has an unmatched combination of +4.6 DPR and +8.9 PL. Use AVENGER with
confidence to sire moderate-framed daughters with desirable body condition. He also
excels for two proprietary GENEX health traits at 104 Subclinical Ketosis (SCK) and
109 Metritis (MTR).
Dam of AVENGER: Richlawn Super April Apple, VG-88, VG-MS, DOM
New release 1HO11989 ROMERO is elite in all indexes having an impressive +1054
ICC, +907 Lifetime Net Merit (LNM$) and +2728 TPI®. This sire is the complete package
offering production, fertility and longevity.
Dam of ROMERO: Hollermann Cabriolet 960G

A Bayonet son from the well-known Sharky Robin family, 1HO12433 ROCKSTAR checks
all the boxes for production, health and longevity. This new sire has a +1026 ICC$ and
+2732 TPI®. With a 6.6% Sire Calving Ease (SCE), he’s a great option for heifer pens. He
also features a +2.7 DPR and +8.5 PL. ROCKSTAR is joined by a full brother, 1HO12428
RAIDEN, at +983 ICC$ and +2739 TPI®. Look to these sires for type and health.
Dam of ROCKSTAR and RAIDEN: Co-op Moonboy Rescue-ET, VG-85, VG-MS

An excellent combination of production and type are found in 1HO11960 REZIN, a bull
that was first released as a genomic giant in February. This Montross son offers elite
+2013 Milk, +143 Combined Fat & Protein (CFP) and +2.00 Type. Look to REZIN for his
striking production and daughter fertility (+2.1 DPR).
Dam of REZIN: Peach-State HLRachel-ET, VG-85

Continuing to top our elite sires, 1HO11905 BLOWTORCH has a TPI® of +2752. This
Silver son also ranks extremely well at +1006 ICC$. Use BLOWTORCH for production,
type and tremendous udders (+1604 Milk, +2.07 Type, +1.71 Udder Composite).

Adding some red to the lineup, 1HO12427 AVERY-RED joins the active list as a high
Type (+2.05) Red and White sire. This Olympian *RC son out of a Supersire will add
variety while also improving udders at +1.88 Udder Composite.

1HO12423 KATANA-P is a polled Tesla son that adds exciting pedigree diversity to any
polled breeding program. With a 6.7% SCE, use KATANA-P in the heifer pens to improve
profit with over +1500 Milk and over +1.00 on all type indexes.
On the daughter-proven LNM$ list, 1HO10396 CABRIOLET had another impressive
day. He stands at +875 LNM$. This Robust son is extreme profitability with excellent
production at +960 Milk and +151 CFP. He can be used in heifer pens and sires
daughters that will last in the herd (4.7% SCE, +7.4 PL).
Aardema Cabriolet 7820
For more highlights, check out our GENEX Dairy Facebook page, where Sire Procurement Specialist Dan Bauer recorded two FB Live segments.

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