Friday, April 14, 2017

GENEX Jersey April Sire Summary Highlights

It was an exciting proof run for GENEX as our Jerseys captured 14 of the top 25 spots on both the genomic Cheese Merit $ and genomic JPI™ lists!

New Sires

1JE00966 FUTURE {3} leads the new releases. He debuts with an impressive +208 JPI™ and tops our Cheese Merit (CM$) list at +733. An early Marlo son out of an impressive Marvel dam, FUTURE {3} is an elite Combined Fat & Protein (CFP) sire at +125, carrying positive percentages for both Fat and Protein as well. He will also add daughter fertility with a +0.5 Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) and elite udders with a +29.4 JUI™. His full brother, 1JE00962 DEGROM {3}, was also activated. He transmits elite production and impressive udders. He comes in at +697 CM$, +194 JPI™ and +27.0 JUI™. With positive component percentages, DEGROM {3} adds production profit (+114 CFP) and also longevity (+7.4 Productive Life).
Dam of FUTURE {3} and DEGROM {3}: Faria Brothers Marvel Messi {4}, VG-84%
1JE0967 FRANKY {4} is a Harris out of an Aztec that adds elite component yield at +80 Fat and +54 Protein for a +134 CFP. He is +632 CM$ and +172 JPI™. Use FRANKY to also improve milk quality with his low +2.77 Somatic Cell Score (SCS).
1JE00967 FRANKY {4}

1JE00961 FRODO {3} joined the lineup at +173 JPI™ and just over +600 CM$. A VANDRELL out of a Very Good Galvanize, FRODO {3} adds balanced production at +1189 Milk and +120 CFP. He will be ideal to use in the heifer pens with a +2.6 Heifer Conception Rate (HCR).

1JE00956 RUTH {3} is a production powerhouse. This Harris son tops the production list at +1951 Milk and an impressive +144 CFP. RUTH {3} is +578 CM$ and +176 JPI™. He will also improve udders with a +15.7 JUI™. Note RUTH {3} is JH1C.
1JE00965 RUTH {3}

1JE00958 NICO {5}, another Harris son, provides a balanced genetic profile for production and type. He is +175 JPI™ and +573 CM$ with +118 CFP. NICO {5} also improves udders (+18.5 JUI™), longevity (+4.7 Productive Life) and milk quality (+2.82 SCS).

1JE00968 INTEL {3} another VANDRELL son, earns a spot in the lineup at +164 JPI™ and +561 CM$. He is +108 CFP and adds fluid production at nearly +1400 Milk. With a +0.7 Cow Conception Rate and a +2.0 HCR, INTEL {3} should add some fertility to any breeding program. Note INTEL {3} is JH1C.
1JE00968 INTEL {3}

1JE00937 BIRDMAN {3} rounds out the new releases. This Harris out of a Renegade is another elite production sire. BIRDMAN {3} is +146 JPI™ and +509 CM$ with +1650 Milk and +121 CFP.
1JE00937 BIRDMAN {3}
Other Highlights

Continuing her elite genetic stamp, JX Faria Brothers Action Dean Smith {1}, EX-92 family members remain at the top of the elite lists. 1JE00892 VANDRELL {2} maintains his elite CM$ yield at +713 and is our highest JPI™ sire at +217. From the same maternal line as VANDRELL {2} is 1JE00922 RONALDO {3}. He posts our highest CFP value at +153 and is +206 JPI™ and +696 CM$

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