Friday, October 13, 2017

Education Isn't a Four Letter Word

When I was in school, I couldn't wait until I was done. The way I saw it, the word education was almost as bad as a four letter word! Looking back, I realize education got a bad rap. It wasn't the education I didn't like, but rather the methods of delivery and failing to realize where I would apply said knowledge.

Today education is something I yearn for. I make a daily goal of learning something new. Working for a cooperative and specifically GENEX has made this goal pretty easy. To be honest, it is a pretty sad day if I only learn one new thing. 

GENEX prides itself in providing education for its employees, board members, delegates, members and customers through several different outlets. 

Here are three great places to look for more information on the dairy and beef industries.

The Learning Center offers an online collection of over 100 dairy and beef related topics, arranged by category. This collection is added to and updated regularly. It can be found on the GENEX website.

Horizons is our magazine. The Dairy Edition is published three times a year (following each sire summary) and the Beef Edition is distributed two times a year (spring and fall). These periodicals are jam-packed with interesting articles from technical know-how to herd/ranch stories to working with your employees. If you don't get a copy mailed to you, check them out here.

Field Representatives are the heart of GENEX education. Everyday these men and women work hard to provide their customers with the most up-to-date industry information. After their day on farms has ended, they spend countless hours attending meetings, watching webinars, listening to podcasts and reading to ensure you will have the facts needed to make the best herd management decisions for your farm or ranch.

In next week's post, I will talk about all of the ways GENEX works to educate its employees, board members and delegates, so our cooperative can truly live up to the cooperative principle of education, training and information.

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