Friday, March 2, 2018

Employees Are the Heart of Every Business - The GENEX Difference

Today is National Employee Appreciation Day. I have spent time in past posts giving you ideas on reducing your employee cull rate and ways you can show your employees how thankful you are for their hard work. Today I would like to highlight the heart of GENEX, our dedicated staff. We can say we don't need affirmation of our work, but, let's face it, it sure feels good when your boss lets you know how great you are! So today I bring you Huub te Plate, COO, in his address to the Annual Meeting on why GENEX is different.
Thank you for being service-oriented, reliable and down-to-earth and for possessing integrity and loyalty. You do make a difference to your customers. I routinely have people post on our Facebook page about the excellent service you provide. Phrases such as, "going above and beyond," "I've watched her work, and she is amazing at it" and "we consider him a friend" are commonplace when talking about GENEX employees.

Happy Employee Appreciation Day. I am honored to call you my co-workers!

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