Friday, March 16, 2018

Pendergrast Celebrates 50 Years of Providing Service

It all started with Midwest Breeders and the magic wand, and 50 years later Gary Pendergrast of Polo, Missouri, is still providing artificial insemination (A.I.) service.

Throughout this time, he’s seen many changes from ampules to straws and the innovation of sexed semen. A highlight of his career was working on the Lutalyse® trial many years ago; 115 heifers from a herd in his service area were used in this trial.

“I became an early proponent of synchronization due to my first-hand experience with that trial,” states Gary. “Synchronization was a gamechanger for the A.I. industry. I can breed so many more in one day than I even dreamed of 50 years ago.”

Over the years, he’s kept meticulous records of every breeding he’s ever done. In total, 71,000 cows and one buffalo make the list. “One buffalo?” you ask. Gary says he’s agreed to every A.I. project anyone has called him for, even when it was a buffalo.

Last May, Gary had open heart surgery and received strict doctor’s orders to not breed cows for 90 days. This marked the longest period in his life without breeding cows. Rest assured, he was back on day 90.

Gary is a self-proclaimed cattle engineer and thoroughly enjoys his work.

“By far, the best part of this industry is working with the people,” states Gary. “And as long as I’m able, I’ll continue to breed cows.”

And with a smile, he adds, “I think I should be good for another 20 years.”

Gary, thank you for your dedication to the A.I. industry.

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