Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Consistency Main Reward to GENEX Test Herd

The goal of the GENEX progeny test program is to determine the true breeding value of a young bull as quickly as possible.

GENEX works with some of the industry's best ranchers to prove young sires. These cattlemen, both registered and commercial producers, work together with GENEX to breed their cows and heifers to GENEX young sires and proven sires used for reference. Then, they provide fertility, performance and ultrasound/carcass data on the resulting calf crop.

This month, we would like to introduce you to four of our test herds through #TestHerdTuesday.

Today's feature is the Oneida Nation Farm in Seymour, Wisconsin, which has been a GENEX test herd for three years. They run a 240 head cow/calf operation, which consists of 360 acres of rotational pasture which is grazed from May 1 through December 1. Each year they retain 40 replacements and finish out the remaining 200. Finished cattle are sold on a quarter and half basis to the public, with several head per year going to the Oneida Nation School, Oneida Nation Elderly Home and Oneida Nation Retail Store.

Since becoming a GENEX test herd, Oneida Farms has seen more consistency in their calves. Calves typically range in birth weight from 65 to 80 pounds without calving difficulties which is especially important as several people who work at the farm have little experience with difficult calvings. In addition, the calf crop is very uniform at weaning. Herd Manager, TJ Swiecichowski sees a noticeable difference.

"Now that we are calving females sired by GENEX bulls and breeding heifers out of GENEX bulls, we really see the consistency within our cow herd," notes TJ. We see our cows being more efficient. They are smaller than a lot of our older cows, yet still wean some of the biggest calves. They are also much better on their feet and legs and will be around for a long time."

When asked what bulls have had the most impact on the herd, TJ listed 1AN01360 ELEMENT and 1AN01355 ALTITUDE.

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