Friday, November 3, 2017

Five Influential #FlashbackFriday Sires

Throughout the month of September, we featured a sire a week as a #Flashback Friday on the GENEX Dairy Facebook page. These sires were all influential to the GENEX story. Here are the five posts, all compiled together. I hope you enjoy reminiscing as much as I enjoyed learning and remembering!
21HO00280 I-O State Chief Ford
21HO00280 I-O State Chief Ford was born August 9, 1974. He was sired by Pawnee Farm Arlinda Chief. His dam, Ludvue Heilo Lulu was sired by Burkgov Heilo Belle. Ford received his first progeny proof in June 1979 and was marketed by GENEX predecessor, 21st Century Genetics, Shawano, Wisconsin. During his career, there were 18,395 daughters in 5,569 herds in his production proof. Today the main production barn at GENEX headquarters in Shawano is named the Ford Barn in his memory. Ford is pictured above with his sire handler, Geno Hagel.

1HO07380 Lutz-Brookview Bellman Rex-ET
1HO07380 Lutz-Brookview Bellman Rex-ET was born November 16, 1981. He was sired by Carlin-M Ivanhoe Bell. His dam, Lutz-Brookview Bova Alice was sired by Rockalli Son of Bova-ET. Rex received his first progeny proof in July of 1987 and was marketed by GENEX predecessor, 21 Century Genetics, Shawano, Wisconsin. Rex sired great udders with strong ligaments. The rear udders were extremely high and wide and the teat placement was excellent. By January 1994, he had nearly 19,000 milking daughters in 5,288 herds and his Predicted Transmitting Ability was +2303 for Milk and +70 pounds of Protein. On February 28, 1995, Rex had produced over a million units of semen, and he joined the prestigious Millionaires Club. During his career, Rex sired 39,721 milking daughters in more than 8,550 herds worldwide!

1HO00414 Tesk-Holm Valiant Rockie

1HO00414 Tesk-Holm Valiant Rockie was born January, 21 1981. He was sired by S-W-D Valiant. His dam, Houvale Apollo Gail was sired by Whittier-Farms Apollo Rocke. Tesk received his first progeny proof in January of 1986 and was one of the most popular bulls of his time for his tremendous ability to increase protein. He was also one of the best all-around calving ease bulls of this period and was known for siring daughters with very well-attached udders, sound feet and legs and moderate size. He sired nearly 46,000 milking daughters in over 9,700 herds throughout the world. He was also used very heavily as a sire of sons for the next generation and his genetics were valued for many years to come.

8HO02024 Rothrock Tradition Leadman

8HO02024 Rothrock Tradition Leadman was born March 5, 1985. He was sired by Sweet-Haven Tradition. His dam; Walkup Valiant Lou Ella was sired by S-W-D Valiant. Leadman received his first progeny proof in July of 1989 and was marketed by GENEX predecessor; Federated Genetics in Lancaster, PA. He was among the top 10 TPI® bulls of the breed when he was first proven in the early 1990’s. He was one of the few active A.I. bulls at that time to sire an increase in protein percent blended with extreme PTAM. It was exciting to see how Leadman could sire this extreme production along with impressive overall type. He was also one of the most popular choices available for siring shallow udders with a strong cleft. Leadman claims over 31,600 milking daughters in 8,073 herds around the globe in his career. In addition, Leadman was used very heavily as a sire of sons for the next generation and his genetics were valued for many years.
1HO07235 Jenny-Lou Marshl Toystory-ET

1HO07235 Toystory was born at Mystic Valley Dairy near Sauk City, Wisconsin, in May 2001. At his November 2005 debut in the artificial insemination (A.I.) industry, Toystory was noted as "the new must-have sire, whether your breeding goals are profitability or show type." His daughters provided a level of productivity, profitability and improved conformation that impressed producers as well as show judges across the globe.
In addition to his outstanding genetic qualities, Toystory possessed an unmatched semen production ability. In April 2009, he joined an elite group of bulls throughout the industry that had produced 1 million units of semen. Then, in May 2011, he became the industry's all-time semen production leader surpassing the previous world record of 1.767 million units held by the Dutch bull Sunny Boy. By May 2012, Toystory had furthered his impact on the A.I. industry reaching a remarkable 2 million units. At the time of his death,at age 13, Toystory had produced 2.415 million units.

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