Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Generations of GENEX Testing

The goal of the GENEX progeny test program is to determine the true breeding value of a young bull as quickly as possible.

GENEX works with some of the industry's best ranchers to prove young sires. These cattlemen, both registered and commercial producers, work together with GENEX to breed their cows and heifers to GENEX young sires and proven sires used for reference. Then, they provide fertility, performance and ultrasound/carcass data on the resulting calf crop.

This month, we would like to introduce you to four of our test herds through #TestHerdTuesday.

Today's feature is Chris Larkin from Ottumwa, Iowa, who started as a test herd for GENEX in 1985. He runs a black Angus cow-calf operation, and finishes the steer calves. The heifer calves are fed until yearling, and for the last 25 years, they've sold as replacement heifers. Recently they started breeding all the heifers and selling a portion as bred heifers.

When asked what benefits he has seen in his herd as a result of being a GENEX test herd, Chris responded, "The use of GENEX bulls has greatly improved the quality of our cattle; performance, carcass and maternal traits. It has also enabled us to use many of the different bloodlines within the Angus breed." Chris noted that many bulls have made an impact on his herd after over 30 years in the program including: Bando 5175, 1AN01099 DENSITY, Net Worth, Traveler 004, Objective 3J15, Final Answer, 1AN01146 RIGHT ANSWER, Upward, New Day, Successor, 1AN01238 RESOURCE, 1AN01131 BISMARCK, and his current favorite 1AN01170 CHISUM.

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  1. AI’ed 20 heifers to Bismarck & Fortitude back in late April. Looking forward to seeing what comes the end of Jan/first of Feb!