Friday, May 17, 2013

FREDDIE still Fabulous

With 1HO08784 FREDDIE %-I ranking number 3 on the April LPI list after earning his first Canadian domestic proof, staff from Canada’s Holstein Journal requested information about FREDDIE from Genex Dairy Procurement Manager Paul Haskins.

Here’s what Paul had to say about the sire:
Schmidts Ponderosa Freddie 4660
FREDDIE continues to impress breeders with the April sire summaries by adding over 1,900 new milking daughters while maintaining or improving on his evaluation in all areas.  As the product of an O Man x Diehard pedigree combination, he is a fitness trait specialist siring trouble-free cows ideal for today’s modern and progressive dairies; daughters are medium-sized with plenty of width and dairy strength throughout, tracking well on ideal feet and legs. Mammary systems are pleasing and better than expected. His USA Udder Composite continues to climb as he adds more classified daughters. The udders are shallow and moderate in every other sense: smooth enough in the fore udder with plenty of height and width in the rear udder. Udder cleft is adequate but not extreme, and moderate teat size, shape, and placement are ideal for today’s breeding needs. This is a bull that can help moderate the current trend of teats that are too short and too close to be practical for milking in conventional and robotic milking operations. FREDDIE’s all-around performance in fitness, yield and conformation makes him appealing for many kinds of breeding programs, and his influence will continue through already extensive use of high-ranking sons, grandsons, daughters and granddaughters.

Second Lactation FREDDIE Daughters