Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Beef Sire Fertility Rankings - Now a Reality!

Very near the top of the wish list of most cattleman that I have talked to the last couple of years has been fertility rankings on beef bulls.  I am thrilled to tell you that it is no longer a dream, but a REALITY!  On Monday, December 15th, Genex released the industry's first beef sire fertility ranking model and data collection process.

PregCheck is not a check or stars system, it is real numbers based on real AI breedings and their subsequent pregnancy checks.  For a bull to reach a 70% reliability it takes about 500 breedings!  For a list of bulls that currently have PregCheck rankings click here.  There is also a Q&A to help answer all your questions about this state of art sire selection tool.

The 2015 Genex Beef Genetic Management Guide will be in your mailbox in about a month.  Included in it will be the PregCheck rankings for all the bulls that are currently at least 70% reliability.  As we move into the spring we will continue to update our website and future print publications with updates on PregCheck and new bulls that receive a ranking.

Genex is pleased to be your profit partner by helping you create Profits through Pregnancies with PregCheck!


Author, Sarah Thorson, is our Beef Education Specialist. Sarah grew up in Eastern Montana on her family's ranch. She is a graduate of Montana State University and has been a member of the Genex team since 2004. Sarah works closely with the Genex Beef Marketing Staff, providing training to the cooperative's nearly 200 Independent Contractors. She also provides Artificial Insemination training for Genex members and customers and reproductive consulting.

Monday, December 15, 2014

December 2014 Genex Proof Highlights

The December 2014 Dairy Proof run brought with it a significant amount of change, from the genetic base change to Lifetime Net Merit and TPI® formula updates. Take a look as Genex Sire Procurement Specialist, Morgan Kleibenstein helps you navigate through what it all means!

Genex released 18 new genomic Holstein sires, 14 hailing from the GENESIS Cooperative Herd. Take a look at some of these, and several of our daughter-proven sires, as Genex Sire Procurement Specialist, Jon Lantz walks you through the Holstein highlights!

Genex now boasts over 40 active elite genetic Jersey sires with:
• 19 sires ≥ +0.0 DPR
• 17 over ≥ 4.5 Productive Life
• 14 sires over +$450 CM
• 12 sires over +15.0 JUI™
• 11 sires ≥ +180 JPI™
• Unmatched pedigree diversity
Watch as Genex Sire Procurement Specialist, Scott Carson takes you into the Jersey Generation!