Friday, April 27, 2018

Lights! Camera! Action! The Tale of a GENEX Casting Call

The scene began at the 2017 National Angus Convention in Fort Worth, Texas. GENEX put out a casting call for a bull. Breeders could send in their boy's portfolio for a chance to win a lease contract (8 by 10 glossy head shots were not required 😉).  

Over 50 aspiring GENEX sires applied, from there our team narrowed the cast of characters to five.

The final decision was a difficult one, and after much deliberation by our beef team, a selection was made.

1AN01436 CROCKETT is an outstanding combination of  phenotype, pedigree and EPDs and is backed by an outstanding dam and grandam that have been productive members of the Brown herd in Tennessee for many years.

CROCKETT is now available from a GENEX representative near you!

Friday, April 20, 2018

No More Guessing About How Your Cows Feel

Okay, I'll admit it. Sometimes I find myself staring at my cows, daydreaming. I am wondering what they are thinking, how they are feeling and how I could help them be both more comfortable and productive (I think the former would help the latter!). While we haven't figured out how to tap into a cow's thoughts quite yet, we now have the ability to better monitor their health, nutrition, reproductive status and comfort. Enter SCR Heatime®.

SCR Heatime® is an advanced cow monitoring system designed to collect and analyze data that can be used for individual cow management and immediate decision implementation related to breeding, cow health and ration formulation. These systems successfully deliver insights dairy producers need, when they need them.

Use SCR Heatime® to:
» Recognize sick cows much earlier, which reduces time spent watching cows to identify         those that are sick 
» Use rumination data to detect potential health concerns
» Avoid over-treating animals and track successful treatments» Identify stressors» See how cows adjust to feed changes» Identify more cows in heat and create a timeline for insemination» Reduce hormone dependency by 50-80%

The fantastic thing about purchasing a system from the team at GENEX is just that - the GENEX team! Count on our professional staff to provide installation, set-up, continued training and technical support.

For more on SCR Heatime®, visit our website or talk to your GENEX representative, and make daydreaming about how your cows feel a thing of the past.

Monday, April 9, 2018

April Jersey Sire Summary Highlights

15 Sires Added to Industry-Leading GENEX Jersey Lineup

1JE01054 ACHIEVER {3}, an exciting Avon son, leads the GENEX new releases at an impressive +803 for the Ideal Commercial Cow (ICC$) index, +710 Cheese Merit (CM$) and +210 JPI™. He has an exceptional +27.2 JUI™ while improving yield with a +541 Cheese Maximizer (ChMAX$) sub-index ranking. ACHIEVER {3} will add impressive longevity at +6.6 Productive Life (PL) while also improving component percentages. He is available in GenChoice™ sexed semen only.

1JE01073 HALL {4} is an early 1JE00922 RONALDO {3} son joining the lineup at +791 ICC$, +662 CM$ and +196 JPI™. Use HALL {4} to add production efficiency with a +628 ChMAX$ sub-index rank. He is +144 combined Fat & Protein (CFP) and over +1100 Milk. He is available in GenChoice™ semen only.
1JE01073 HALL {4}

1JE01047 ARENA {3} is another Avon son at +739 ICC$ and +651 CM$. He is extremely balanced with impressive rankings on all three sub-indexes, along with a +0.3 Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR), +29.2 JUI™ and +125 CFP. ARENA {3} is 91 BBR and available in GenChoice™ semen only.

1JE01041 KAZAN {3} is +735 ICC$ and +183 JPI™. This Avon son comes in at +594 CM$ and +127 CFP while maintaining +14.4 JUI™ and +0.3 DPR. KAZAN is GenChoice™ only.
1JE01069 AMPLIFY {3}, a new 1JE00892 VANDRELL {2} son is +709 ICC$, +666 CM$ and +194 JPI™. Use AMPLIFY {3} to add positive component percentages, improve udders (+19.3 JUI™) and daughter fertility (+0.4 DPR). He is 92 BBR and available in GenChoice™ semen only.

1JE01076 JACK BAUER {3} is an early 1JE00921 EUSEBIO {4} son debuting at +680 ICC$, +582 CM$ and +175 JPI™. He will add milk yield while siring daughters with impressive udders at +21.9 JUI™. JACK BAUER {3} is 92 BBR and available in GenChoice™ semen only.

1JE01046 FRESCA {3}
A group of Marlo sons were added to the lineup in 1JE01028 APPROACH {3} at +698 ICC$, 1JE01048 EVERLASTING {3} at +678 ICC$, 1JE01046 FRESCA {3} at +673 ICC$, 1JE01036 NORBERT {3} at +664 ICC$ and 1JE00970 STEPH {3} at +615 ICC$. All five will add impressive component yields, especially Fat while also improving udders with high JUI™ values. FRESCA {3} and NORBERT {3} are +590 and +576 CM$ respectively and are both available in GenChoice™ semen only.

Additional Highlights

1JE01057 CESPEDES {3} maintains his spot as an industry leader. This Marlo son carries an
impressive +215 JPI™ and +754 CM$ and is the ICC$ index leader at +841. CESPEDES {3} is an exceptional yield sire with +137 CFP while also possessing a positive DPR value. Use this sire to improve udders (+22.4 JUI™) and improve component percentages. CESPEDES {3} is 92 BBR and available in GenChoice™ semen only.

1JE00922 RONALDO {3} added early production daughters and ranks well at +769 ICC$, +645 CM$ and +194 JPI™. With over +1700 Milk and +158 CFP, RONALDO daughters are sure to add production.

Friday, April 6, 2018

April Holstein Sire Summary Highlights

New Sires for Creating Ideal Commercial Cows

Topping the lineup for the Ideal Commercial Cow (ICC$) index following the April proofs are a trio of outstanding sires in 1HO13023 MR WISCONSIN, 1HO12917 MIKE and 1HO11955 BEYOND. Just behind them is a trio of new releases all over +1100 ICC$.

The top new release according to the ICC$ index is 1HO12990 NET. This 1HO11643 DAMIEN son out of a Supershot is destined to impress with his +1113 ICC$ and +572 for the Production Efficiency (PREF$) sub-index, meaning he has genetics that result in high‑yielding cows with lower feed costs. NET also stands at +901 Lifetime Net Merit (LNM$), adds longevity (+8.2 Productive Life) and improves udders (+2.07 Udder Composite). He offers all-round calving ease too, with a low 6.2% Sire Calving Ease (SCE) and 3.6% Daughter Calving Ease (DCE).

1HO12990 NET

is an outcross by Barclay with an extremely balanced genetic profile: +1112 ICC$, +382 for the Health (HLTH$) sub-index and +862 LNM$. Use BEACHBOY to improve udders (+1.66 Udder Composite), moderate frame size and improve yield (+124 CFP). He adds daughter fertility (+2.7 Daughter Pregnancy Rate), extends longevity (+7.7 PL) and has a low 5.0% SCE. To top it off, he displays impressive values for the GENEX proprietary health traits at 108 Metritis (MTR) and 104 Subclinical Ketosis (SCK).

Rounding out the new releases over +1100 ICC$ is the new Jett son 1HO13415 TANZANITE. He debuts at +1113 ICC$ and +826 LNM$. This udder specialist is +2.18 Udder Composite (UDC) while packing in production at +131 CFP and +1817 Milk. With his 107 MTR, he’s also a good option for helping to manage the cost and impact associated with metritis in future generations.

New release 1HO13300 COOLIO is a Tesla son and a calving ease specialist at 5.4% SCE. He is +1087 ICC$ and the leader for the Fertility and Fitness (FYFT$) sub-index, which emphasizes genetics that result in optimal age at first calving, reduced days open and shorter calving intervals. His elite +4.0 Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) is testament to that. COOLIO also comes in at +1.99 UDC while improving milk quality (+2.63 Somatic Cell Score).

1HO12996 KANZO is an impressive new sire with strong industry rankings. He debuts at +1066 for the Ideal Commercial Cow (ICC$) index, +953 Lifetime Net Merit (LNM$) and +2805 TPI®. This outcross sire, a DAMIEN out of a Josuper, is +151 CFP. He will sire daughters with impressive udders (+2.50 UDC) while moderating frame size. KANZO is available in GenChoice™ sexed semen only.

1HO13406 HAGAR is a new Ragen son. He is +1019 ICC$ and +864 LNM$ with an impressive +2.18 UDC. Use HAGAR with confidence in the heifer pens (6.4% SCE) while improving daughter fertility (+1.2 DPR) and adding longevity (+6.3 Productive Life).

A new bull at +955 ICC$ and +949 LNM$ is 1HO12965 RADICAL. This early 1HO11652 RADIUS son out of a Montross is known for production efficiency (+603 PREF$) with his +178 CFP and +112 Fat. Use RADICAL to improve component percentages while also siring daughters with extremely high and wide rear udders.

A new release Modesty, 1HO12986 RUSTIC is an extreme component yield sire that optimizes efficiency from trouble-free milking cows. He comes in at +921 ICC$, +193 for the Milking Ability (MABL$) sub-index and +117 Fat. Use RUSTIC to also improve udders at +1.99 UDC. Another new Modesty, 1HO13513 PURSUIT is an elite type and milk yield sire. He is +2.11 PTAT, +2.66 UDC and comes in at +1996 Milk with +141 CFP. This all comes in a calving ease package: +77 Calving Ability (CABL$), 5.4% SCE, 2.7% DCE.


Also joining the lineup is an early 1HO11670 GATEDANCER son in 1HO12966 RUMBLE. He is an elite type sire at +2.30 PTAT and +2.57 UDC. RUMBLE stands at +942 ICC$ and +2751 TPI® while also improving milk quality at +2.58 SCS.

1HO13424 SUBZERO, an early 1HO11959 WRENCH son, is +877 ICC$ and is a production and type specialist. SUBZERO debuts at +148 CFP while also sporting PTAT and UDC values over +2.00. SUBZERO is available in GenChoice™ sexed semen only.

In addition to these new releases, GENEX icon sire 1HO10396 CABRIOLET continues to
impress. Now with over 10,000 daughters, he stands at +953 ICC$ and +895 LNM$. This
extremely reliable sire can be used to add a balanced genetic profile with +154 CFP, positive
component percentages while moderating frame size. CABRIOLET is ideal for heifer pens as
the leader for the CABL$ sub-index.