Thursday, May 15, 2014

Late Spring at Genex Hawkeye West - Billings, MT

It's the middle of May, and it looks like maybe, just maybe, we are finally getting a taste of spring here in Billings, MT.  As I've told you before, spring is the busiest time of year for us here at Genex Hawkeye West.  I just wrapped up my 5th A.I. school in a little over 8 weeks. During those schools I trained over 70 beef producers from 7 states and Canada how to artificially inseminate their own cows.  On the semen collection side of the business we had about 160 different bulls on collection at our peak.  Things are slowly starting to calm down for the outside crew.  This week more bulls have went home, destined for greener pastures and cows in heat, then have come to stay.  Just as things slow down outside, they really start to heat up inside, because all that semen we have collected over the last couple of months needs to get into semen tanks all over the country.  This means that phones have been ringing off the hook and shipper tanks have been flying out the door.

Semen storage tanks at Genex Hawkeye West.  We store nearly 1 million units of semen.

Shipper tanks packed and ready for UPS to pick them up and send them to their destination.

Earlier in the week I also took some time out to fulfill my self given title of "Office Beautification Manager" which basically means I plant, and subsequently water the flowers out front all summer!

From all of us at Genex Hawkeye West we hope you are having a great spring, enjoying some warmer weather after the long winter, and getting all the moisture that you need.  Remember, if you haven't placed your semen order yet we are still offering some great spring specials.  But don't delay in ordering to long, the specials are only good through May 31st!


Author, Sarah Thorson, is our Beef Education Manager. Sarah grew up in Eastern Montana on her family's ranch. She is a graduate of Montana State University and has been a member of the Genex team since 2004. Sarah works closely with the Genex Beef Marketing Staff, providing training to the cooperative's nearly 200 Independent Contractors. She also provides Artificial Insemination training for Genex members and customers and reproductive consulting.