Friday, December 29, 2017

Top 5 Posts of 2017

I love this time of year, spending time looking back and recalling all of the wonderful (and not so wonderful) things that happened in the past 365 or-so days. I never had a personal blog, but now that I have the ability to see everything we posted here on the GENEX blog this past year, it kind of makes me want to capture personal events and memories. Is this the modern version of a diary?

I had a lot of fun reliving 2017 through blog posts and thought you might too, so here are the top five from this past year, based on views.

#1  Top 10 A.I. Technique Mistakes. Sometimes even a professional can learn a thing or two by going back to the basics.

#2  My Top Tip for a Successful A.I. Breeding Project. We asked beef producers for their top tip. Then we compiled them here in one, easy-to-read list!

#3  GENEX Distribution Center. We are so fortunate to have a tremendous group of people who work for us at GENEX! Follow along as one of them, Brian Brickle gives you a little tour of our Semen Distribution Center.

#4  Using A.I. on Your Ranch. Get the costs associated with using (and not using) A.I. on your ranch.

#5  It's Quite a Production. A trip to the GENEX Production Center in Tiffin, Ohio, meant some wonderful photos and commentary from our Audio Visual Coordinator, Todd Moede.

Thank you for an amazing year. I look forward to 2018 and all of the events and opportunities that await!

Monday, December 11, 2017

December GENEX Jersey Highlights

New Sires
New release 1JE01057 CESPEDES {3} ranks second in the lineup for the Ideal Commercial Cow (ICC$) index at +954. This Marlo son also leads the industry with a +233 JPI™ and +839 Cheese Merit (CM$). CESPEDES {3} sires exceptional yield at +138 Combined Fat & Protein (CFP) while checking all the boxes for health and fertility. His numbers, including a +1.4 Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR), earned him a +325 on the Sustainability (SUST$) sub-index and +30 on the Fertility (FERT$) sub-index. Use CESPEDES {3} to improve udders (+22.6 JUI™) and component percentages. CESPEDES {3} is 92 BBR and available in GenChoice™ sexed semen only.
1JE01057 CESPEDES {3}

1JE01056 COUSINS {3} is an Avon son at +856 ICC$, +689 CM$ and +199 JPI™. He has an exceptional +19.4 JUI™ and ranks well on the FERT$ sub-index (+128) with an impressive +2.8 DPR. COUSINS {3} is 92 BBR and available in GenChoice™ semen only.

1JE00994 ASTRIX {3} debuts at +816 ICC$, +662 CM$ and +189 JPI™. This Avon out of a Magnum meets the needs of producers looking to improve daughter fertility; he stands at +3.2 DPR and +92 FERT$. ASTRIX {3} will improve udders (+18.3 JUI™). He is 85 BBR and available in GenChoice™ semen only.

1JE00991 GRIEZMANN {4} is an early Leonel {3} son at +680 ICC$. His +136 CFP makes him a yield specialist and earns him a +599 for the Cheese Maximizer (ChMAX$) sub-index. GRIEZMANN {4} is +180 JPI™ and +630 CM$ while maintaining +18.7 JUI™. He is 85 BBR.
1JE00991 GRIEZMANN {4}

A trio of 1JE00892 VANDRELL {2} sons joined the lineup with impressive ICC$ index values. These sires include 1JE00992 CONTENDER {3} at +770 ICC$, 1JE00986 TAX {3} at +763 ICC$ and 1JE00998 FEARLESS {3} at +743 ICC$. Look to these sires for component production power as each is over +430 ChMAX$. CONTENDER {3} is 87 BBR and available in GenChoice™ sexed semen only. TAX {3} is 91 BBR.

1JE00999 CARPDIEM {3}, the final new graduate, is an Avon out of a Soprano that adds pedigree diversity. He is +722 ICC$, +599 CM$ and +177 JPI™. CARPDIEM {3} is +0.7 DPR and an udder specialist at +24.8 JUI™. He is 91 BBR.

Other Highlights

1JE00892 VANDRELL {2} and 1JE00889 PROP JOE {3}, two bulls from the same maternal line, remain in the top 10 for JPI™ among daughter-proven sires. VANDRELL also tops the GENEX ICC$ listing at +992 while maintaining +710 CM$ and +215 JPI™. While he ranks well on all three ICC$ sub-indexes, VANDRELL {2} is the FERT$ sub‑index leader at +182.
1JE00892 VANDRELL Daughters {2}

Adding more daughters, PROP JOE is now +775 ICC$, +693 CM$ and +191 JPI™. He offers an elite combination of udders (+22.0 JUI™), daughter fertility (+0.2 DPR) and exceptional PregCheck™ and PregCheck+™ sire fertility rankings.

1JE00966 FUTURE {3} at +895 ICC$, 1JE00984 USAIN BOLT {3} at +874 ICC$, 1JE00962 DEGROM {3} at +873 ICC$ and 1JE00971 CURRY {3} at+865 ICC$ all had nice days moving up in rank; all four are now at or above +200 JPI™.

Friday, December 8, 2017

December Holstein Proof Highlights

25 New Sires Added to an Industry-Leading Lineup

Leading the way for the Ideal Commercial Cow (ICC$) index is 1HO12943 HEXER at
+1221. This Damien out of a Caspian brings exciting pedigree diversity while adding elite
health traits: +10.6 Productive Life (PL), +3.7 Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR), +2.50
Somatic Cell Score (SCS) and 108 Metritis (MTR). He also ranks +888 for the Lifetime Net
Merit (LNM$) index. Use HEXER in heifer pens with confidence based on his extremely low
4.8% Sire Calving Ease (SCE).
1HO12943 HEXER

1HO12980 IKE ranks second for the ICC$ index at +1207. This Jedi son also ranks well for
TPI® at +2712. He adds elite longevity (+10.1 PL), impressive daughter fertility (+5.1 DPR) andcomes in at +1.51 PTA Type.

Another new release, 1HO12917 MIKE, makes his debut with an impressive +1174 ICC$.
This Jedi son improves component percentages and daughter fertility (+5.1 DPR). MIKE can
be used universally with his low 6.9% SCE.

A Livewire son, 1HO13369 DAVARI joins the lineup at +1164 ICC$. He will improve milk
quality with a low +2.50 SCS and sire healthy daughters with his 106 MTR and 104 Subclinical Ketosis (SCK). DAVARI adds type (+1.44 PTAT) and can be used in heifer pens (5.9% SCE).

1HO12902 TAPPS is a new sire with an elite ICC$ index rank at +1128. This Modesty out of a Jabir is +893 LNM$ and +2726 TPI®. He improves component production (+130 Combined Fat & Protein) and offers calving ease (5.4% SCE).

New release 1HO12930 MALCOM earned his way to the top of our LNM$ list at +950. He is
also +1099 ICC$ with outstanding health traits: +10.0 PL, +4.4 Livability (LIV), +3.5 DPR and a low +2.65 SCS. This Damien son can be used with confidence in heifer pens at 6.3% SCE.

1HO12932 JUICY is the top GENEX bull for TPI® at +2800. This Magnus out of a 1HO10824 TANGO adds pedigree diversity and sires cows for the commercial environment as shown by his +1148 ICC$. This sire of sons has impressive values for GENEX proprietary health traits MTR (104) and SCK (100) and is a type specialist at +2.34 Udder Composite (UDC).
1HO12932 JUICY

1HO12487 JENKY-P is an exciting new polled sire. He comes in at +880 ICC$ and adds
yield (+109 CFP) while also improving health traits (104 SCK, 102 MTR). Use this Powerball-P son to improve daughter fertility (+3.8 DPR) and add longevity (+7.6 PL).

Previous release 1HO11989 ROMERO still ranks extremely well across indexes. He is
+1152 ICC$ and +2737 TPI®. He also ranks above average for the GENEX proprietary health traits: 104 SCK, 106 MTR and 101 Foot Health.

On the daughter-proven list, 1HO11096 PLATINUM continued his impressive rank. He’s now
at +2653 TPI®. This Mogul out of a Super stands at +1050 ICC$ and adds type at +1.93 PTAT and +1.58 UDC.
Co-op DD Platinum 40739

The iconic GENEX sire, 1HO10396 CABRIOLET, continues to shine. He’s now at +961 ICC$ and +927 LNM$. With over 8,500 daughters, this extremely reliable sire can be used to add a balanced genetic profile while improving component pounds (+149 CFP) and percentages and moderating frame size.
Hollermann Cabriolet 960