Monday, November 18, 2013

Fall at Genex Hawkeye West - Billings, MT

Last time I gave you an update on the happenings at Genex Hawkeye West in Billings, MT it was the middle of summer.  We've now moved into fall and things are really starting to get busy here!  As I mentioned before here, bull numbers are at there lowest during the summer, but now that it is mid-November we are filling back up!  There are nearly 90 bulls on collection today, with more arriving every week!

Herdsman, Chance Eaton, collects 1AN1237, SAV ANGUS VALLEY 1867.

Along with lots of bulls coming back to stay with us we have had several other exciting things going on this fall.  On October 16 we hosted our first Genex Member Appreciation Luncheon here at Hawkeye West.  As Genex is a Cooperative it is very important that we stay close of our membership, we very much value their business and loyalty.  We were thrilled that Genex board member, Bobby Robertson, from Tahlequah, OK was able to be with us.

Genex Hawkeye West manager, Ryan Thorson, welcomes the crowd the Member Appreciation Luncheon, while Genex Board Member, Bobby Robertson, looks on.

While Bobby was here, we were also able to honor Genex Area Marketing Manager, Dwain Hould, for his 10 years of service to Genex Cooperative.  Dwain manages the Genex beef marketing staff in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and part of Wyoming.

Genex AMM, Dwain Hould, receiving his 10 Year Service Award, from Bobby Robertson.

Here in Billings, we had a wet fall, which was very welcome after our last couple of summers!  As ranchers in the area sell their calves, optimism in the beef industry is very high!  We are very proud to be part of this industry and we hope that you will stop by and visit us anytime you are in the area.  The bulls are always available for viewing and we would love to see you!

Bulls enjoying a crisp fall morning at Genex Hawkeye West.


Author, Sarah Thorson, is our Beef Education Manager. Sarah grew up in Eastern Montana on her family's ranch. She is a graduate of Montana State University and has been a member of the Genex team since 2004. Sarah works closely with the Genex Beef Marketing Staff, providing training to the cooperative's nearly 200 Independent Contractors. She also provides Artificial Insemination training for Genex members and customers and reproductive consulting.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Superior Livestock and Genex Cooperative Joint Bred Heifer Sale

In an exciting joint venture, Superior Livestock and Genex will be hosting a Joint Bred Heifer Sale on Friday, November 22, 2013.  The sale will be broadcast live on RFD-TV!

All heifers consigned to the sale will be either Genex sired, bred, or both.  Genex sires that will be represented in the offering include:  SAV FINAL ANSWER 0035, Connealy RIGHT ANSWER 746, SAV BISMARCK 5682, Connealy IN SURE 8524, Connealy THUNDER, MA FINAL CHOICE 8036, and Feddes BIG SKY R9.

For more information, or to view videos and pictures of some of the lots consigned click here.