Monday, December 16, 2013

Angus EPD Highlights

On Dec. 6 the American Angus Association released their Angus Sire Evaluation Report - spring 2014. This release includes several significant updates to the evaluation including updated economic assumptions that impact the $Values as well as the third recalibration of the HD 50K predictions. Here are a few of the highlights from the new EPD run.

Calving Ease
1AN01202 LONG DISTANCE is the No. 1 CED bull on the entire Angus Sire Evaluation based on bulls with +80 or higher for YW EPD, and he does so much more including breed-leading SCR, DOC, CEM and $W EPDs.

1AN01217 IN SURE
1AN01217 IN SURE comes in at No. 8 for CED on the evaluation, based on bulls with +80 or higher for YW EPD. He too, is a SCR and DOC leader along with ranking No. 3 for $B among the breed’s elite proven calving ease bulls, that are +17 or higher for CED.


Other semi-proven, .60 or higher BW ACC, bulls that offer not only widespread pedigree diversity, but also breed-leading, double digit calving ease include: 1AN01275 PROSPER at CED +18 and BW -3.0; 1AN01231 AUTHENTIC at CED +16 and BW -0.5; 1AN01253 NAMESAKE at CED +16 and BW -1.0; 1AN01242 FULL POWER at CED +15 and BW -0.5; 1AN01215 IRISH  at CED +15 and BW -0.3; 1AN01224 CEDAR RIDGE at CED +15 an BW -1.0. 

Curve Benders

1AN01230 EXCITEMENT is one of only two bulls on the Angus Sire Evaluation that is negative for BW EPD and +130 or greater for YW EPD. His outcross pedigree offers unlimited mating flexibility on most of today’s popular pedigrees.

1AN01278 DOUBLE VISION is the No. 1 bull for YW EPD at +149 on the Young Sire Supplemental list for bulls that are +9 or higher for CED. He sets himself apart on the young sire list not only because of his across the board, breed-leading EPD profile, but because of his outcross pedigree and powerful phenotype.

Low Input/High Output (Bulls that Combine $EN and $W)

Genex still dominates the list of proven low input, high output bulls with 1AN01044 FINAL ANSWER and 1AN01131 BISMARCK.

1AN1201 ANGUS 011
 We also have a nice showing on the young sire list with bulls that are +6 or higher for CED, -$5.00 or higher for $EN and $50.00 or greater for $W. They include 1AN01254 HOMESTEAD, 1AN01207 ANGUS 011, 1AN01246 REVIVAL and 1AN01240 EFFECTIVE, the most of any stud!


CEDAR RIDGE continues to add accuracy while maintaining excellent CED, DOC, SCR and positive carcass EPDs. His MILK EPD has climbed to +37, but he is still very acceptable for $EN at -$8.28. In addition, 1AN01263 UNMISTAKABLE just misses the list with a CED EPD at +5. He is among the breed’s elite for moderating milk, MILK EPD at +12, and mature size, MH EPD at -0.6, without sacrificing growth, WW +72 and YW +120, scrotal circumference, SCR +0.77, or muscle shape, REA +0.86.
Heifer Pregnancy
Heifer pregnancy is a trait catching the attention of more breeders and now includes the incorporation of HD 50K data. Genex proven sires like 1AN01116 UPWARD, BISMARCK, 1AN01146 RIGHT ANSWER, 1AN01117 THUNDER and 1AN01141 PIONEER all rank in the top 5% of the breed for the HPG EPD along with up and coming bulls like LONG DISTANCE.


1AN01215 IRISH
 Among the proven bulls the following lead the way in DOC for Genex: 1AN01222 PRIORITY +37; LONG DISTANCE +33; CEDAR RIDGE +30; IRISH +30; 1AN01170 CHISUM +28. Note the variety of pedigrees among this group of bulls. There are only six bulls on the entire Young Sire Supplement list that have a DOC EPD of +37 or higher. 1AN01238 RESOURCE leads the list with the highest $W value and FULL POWER leads the list with the highest $B value, while both offer breed-leading EPDs and phenotypes in addition to breed-leading attitudes!


End Product
Baldridge Waylon is the No. 1 $B bull on the Angus Sire Evaluation and Genex has secured his No. 1 son, 1AN01312 DOWNLOAD. DOWNLOAD leads the Genex lineup as our No.1 $B sire at $118.70. He offers more flexibility and marketability to most Angus breeders because of his CED EPD of +9 vs. Waylon’s CED EPD of +3.   

1AN01297 RITO 12E7
1AN01297 RITO 12E7 closely follows DOWNLOAD as our No. 2 $B sire at $115.90. A unique Rito Revenue son for growth and SCR that is too young to make the Angus Sire Evaluation, never the less, there is not a bull on the entire report or supplemental sire summary that can match his combination of MARB at 1.40 and REA at 1.49.

Other $B leaders, with progeny data, all ranking in the top 2% of the breed for $B includes: DOUBLE VISION $109.70, 1AN01229 ADVANTAGE $109.20; 1AN01232 SIGNIFICANT $107.90; 1AN01226 UPROAR $107.10; FULL POWER $107.00.

Author, Lorna Marshall, is the U.S. Beef Programs Marketing Manager.  Lorna works with herds across the U.S. offering genetic and reproductive solutions to help improve their profitability.  She also offers support to the more than 200 Genex Beef Independent Contractors.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

December 2013 Proof Highlights

Genex had a great proof run last week.  On the Holstein side 1HO09800 ERDMAN captured the #1 spot atop the Lifetime Net Merit List (LNM$). As for the TPIlist, 1HO09527 MASSEY sits at #3 and 1HO08784 FREDDIE at #4.  The genomic lists were just as productive with Genex sires holding 32 of the top 100 LNM$ and 19 of the top 100 TPI spots.  Take a look at other great Holstein highlights below!

On the Jersey and Colored Breed side, things look just as great!  27 Genex genomic sires are on the top 100 Lifetime Cheese Merit list and 26 are on the top 100 JPI™ chart.  1JE00711 PLUS is #1 on the top 100 daughter-proven JPI list. And the highlights continue...