Friday, September 21, 2018

Tried and True Tips for Timed A.I.

Last week's Facebook post asking for tips in planning for your next timed artificial insemination (A.I.) project got beef producers sharing, so we are passing some of that fantastic knowledge on to you, our blog readers. Here is a recap and the seven categories the comments fell into. For the complete list of comments, check out our GENEX Beef Facebook page!

"Timing is crucial! We make sure our shots are done exactly on time and likewise for insemination." - Emily Smith Castine

"Luck favors the prepared." - Kate Meyer

"As cool of weather as you can get. Early morning breeding, and let them relax." - Ryan Stoecklein

"Research your bull choices and use those that you know have good conception or PregCheck™ ratings. It is the easiest way to boost conception." - Justine Ferguson

Animal Health
"Good body condition and good mineral program." - James Mullens

"A good team of people to work with! Communcations is key for everything to go smoothly." - Carrie Lynch

Set-up and Handling
"Handle cattle and semen carefully!" - Jeff Meyer

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