Friday, November 9, 2018

OptiShield™ Teat Sealant Now Available

What is UdderLife™ OptiShield™ teat sealant?
It is 4g of an off-white, antibiotic free, sterile paste containing 65% bismuth subnitrate in a mineral oil base. It is in ready-to-use syringes and is administered in the teat canal at dry-off, after the last milking, in the prevention of new intramammary mastitis cases.

How does the product work?
The streak canal is the mammary system’s primary line of defense. When UdderLife™ OptiShield™ teat sealant is administered, it settles in the lower portion of the streak canal, forming a physical barrier that mimics the cows own natural keratin plug. This barrier blocks new bacterial infections that cause mastitis. 

Features & Benefits of UdderLife™ OptiShield™ teat sealant:
› There is minimal air in the tube, so the paste stays in the lower streak canal.
› Tubes won’t bend when the protective tip is removed.
› UdderLife™ OptiShield™ teat sealant requires only a partial insertion, which means less potential error of placing the tube too far inside the teat.
› It’s the only teat sealant product made in the USA. No waiting on back-ordered product.

Watch the video below to hear what Kim Egan, DVM, has to say about the product and the proper application procedures.

To order or find out more information, click here.


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